Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Lilac Breeze Mesh Dress

Lilac Breeze

I used a unamed sport weight/baby weight yarn. (In fact inherited it without a sleeve, so I have no real clue what yarn it
4.5mm hook

ch 81

Row 1. slst to begining chain. ch 6 and then sc x 2 in third ch from hook *ch 6 and sc x 2 in 3rd ch from hook* repeat from * to the end. sl st into center of ch 6 of next row

Row 2-5. *ch 6, sc x 2 in center of next ch 6 space* repeat from * around

row 6. ch 6, sc x 2 in the next 3 ch 6 spaces. ch 18 and skip next 4 ch 6 spaces. *ch 6, sc x 2 in next 8 ch 6 spaces* ch 18 and skip next 4 ch 6 spaces. compete remaining ch 6 spaces.

row 7. ch 6 sc x 2 in each ch 6 space. when you reach the arm holes ch 6, skip 3 ch and sc x 2.

Row 8- 25. ch 6 sc x 2 in next ch 6 space around

fasten off. weave in ends

Sleeves (Optional)

Attach to the bottom center of the arm hole. ch 6, sc x 2 in next chain space. *ch 6, sc in center of ch 6. Repeat from * around.

Complete as many rows as needed to gain the length you desire.

join and fasten off. Weave in ends.
Ella Moss Girls 2-6x Bloom Dress,Milkshake,3T

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  1. This dress is darling, but I'm wondering what size child it is for. Also, do you have any ideas how we might line it with some scrap fabric to make it a little more modest? I suppose we could just put it over a onesie or something, too. My daughter is size 2T and she needs some new dresses, and my lovely mother is an avid crocheter.