Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Lilac Breeze Mesh Dress

Lilac Breeze

I used a unamed sport weight/baby weight yarn. (In fact inherited it without a sleeve, so I have no real clue what yarn it
4.5mm hook

ch 81

Row 1. slst to begining chain. ch 6 and then sc x 2 in third ch from hook *ch 6 and sc x 2 in 3rd ch from hook* repeat from * to the end. sl st into center of ch 6 of next row

Row 2-5. *ch 6, sc x 2 in center of next ch 6 space* repeat from * around

row 6. ch 6, sc x 2 in the next 3 ch 6 spaces. ch 18 and skip next 4 ch 6 spaces. *ch 6, sc x 2 in next 8 ch 6 spaces* ch 18 and skip next 4 ch 6 spaces. compete remaining ch 6 spaces.

row 7. ch 6 sc x 2 in each ch 6 space. when you reach the arm holes ch 6, skip 3 ch and sc x 2.

Row 8- 25. ch 6 sc x 2 in next ch 6 space around

fasten off. weave in ends

Sleeves (Optional)

Attach to the bottom center of the arm hole. ch 6, sc x 2 in next chain space. *ch 6, sc in center of ch 6. Repeat from * around.

Complete as many rows as needed to gain the length you desire.

join and fasten off. Weave in ends.
Ella Moss Girls 2-6x Bloom Dress,Milkshake,3T