Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A few new things

Well I've been crocheting like a mad woman lately. I made my daughter a new pair of crochet sandals. I made a few necklaces from a blog called creative yarn. I'll post some pictures. I'm not sure if I will add a pattern for the sandals. I guess if I get enough response I will post a pattern.

I've also been making scratch mitts and a new hat for a new baby born in my family. My cousin Ted is the proud Daddy of a new baby boy.....I will post pictures of those eventually as well they are super cute.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well I can't sleep, as per usual. So here I sit wondering what I should do with my newest score (30 dollars worth of wool, that I bought at a second hand store for less then 7 dollars) I have pinks and teals and purples and yellows.....ahh a veritable rainbow....

My new baby girl needs some sandles since the nice weather is here. My sons need some sun hats. I would like something, maybe a hat...Oh actually I do have a christening dress, a summer dress, a pair of sandles, a hat, and a necklace to finish first :|

But who knows what will get done...stay tuned I will post pictures soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mesh Wrist Warmers

I made this great hat called mesh skull cap from the website I decided I wanted to make it a set with wrist/arm warmers. So here is the pattern

Bernat satin or any ww wool. I used one skien to make the mesh hat and wrist warmers.
hook size 5.50

Make two of these.

Chain 32.
Join to first chain with a slip stitch.

Row 1-6. Chain 4, skip one chain and DC in next chain. *skip ch, DC* repeat from * to the end. Join with a slip stitch to the third chain.

Row 7. chain 4. skip one stitch and DC in the next stitch. *skip st, DC in next st* until the last two stitches. after last DC chain 2, and join to 3rd ch

Row 8-12 chain 4, skip one st and DC in next stitch *skip ch, DC* repeat from * to the end. join with a slip stitch to the third chain.

Row 13. chain 4. skip one stitch and DC in next stitch *skip next st, DC* 10 times sl st each chain space, and DC to the end. join with a slst

Row 14. chain 4, skip one stitch and DC in next stitch. *skip next st, DC* to the end. of the mesh, now chain 7 and join to the 3rd chain of beginning

Row 15. ch 4, skip one stitch. DC in next st. *skip next st, DC* to the end, join to third ch of beginning

Row 16. ch 1, SC through each stitch and chain space to end. join with a slip stitch. fasten off

Attach to any DC or chain space on the wrist end of the gloves. chain 1, and sc through each chain 1 space and dc space. fasten off

Flower headband


1 skein novelty wool (I used a cotton and novelty eyelash yarn together)

1 Headband elastic ( I found this one at a dollar store. I bought four for a dollar)

Gauge is not important.

slipstitch into the elastic. Chain one.

sc into the elastic as many times as it takes to cover the entire elastic. fasten off


chain 5. slip stitch to first chain. *chain 5, sc into circle. repeat from * 4 times. fasten off
easy but very cute headband for your lil girl :)

Welcome to Chic Crochet

Hello and Welcome to my crochet blog.

I am a newbie to the crochet world. But I quickly found I didn't like to follow other peoples patterns. I alwa ys ended up editing or changing them in some way. Or winging it like my husband says.....I find inspiration from my children. I have made alot of things that I NEVER wrote patterns for, which will eventually end up as patterns here.

But for now I will begin with my latest creations. I hope you enjoy and book mark the blog for future use. Thanks and please feel free to click a link while your here...*wink wink*

Take care

Curly Sue Scarf

Curly Sue Scarf

Approximately one 200 g skien of any type of worsted wool
I used a 5.5m hook

Chain 143
Row 1. DC in 3rd chain from hook. 2 DC in (back loop of) next chain. *1 DC in next ch, 2 DC in next ch* (repeat from * to end)
Row 2-4. Ch 3 *DC in next st, 2 DC in next st* repeat from * to end.
Row 5. Ch 4, DC in same st. skip one st, *DC, chain 1, DC skip one stitch*(V stitch created) repeat from * to end

Simple, but elegant scarf